About Us

We Work With Passion

We are a group of marketing experts, but above all, we’re electronic music fanatics.

Our team is the TOP Notch of electronic music marketing. We love marketing, but our second passion is electronic dance music, and this is key to our success. 

We understand the industry, we understand your needs, and we have the knowledge and experience to boost your career.


Things have changed a lot during these 12 years, and we keep on adapting and learning every single day the best strategies to make you reach your goals. We are Marketers, but at the same time, we are Dj’s, producers, clubbers, promoters, we are passionate about making you a TOP DJ, Label, or Producer.


We are experts in SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Electronic Music Sales Marketing. We know what we do, do you want to have success? Focus on your music; let us manage your promotion.


Our goal is to deliver the best results for our clients; we’ve been doing this for more than ten years. We work with the best artist in the industry but also with newcomers.

Our mission is to make you reach your goals and grow together.


Music Lovers