Beatport Promotion

HEY Dj, Producer or Label!
Beatport promotion is key if you are looking to grow as an artist or label in the electronic music industry.

Beatport Promotion

Do you need to increase your Beatport sales ?

Getting into the Beatport top 100 charts will boost your exposure in the electronic music scene. Beatport chart boosting promotion service is a unique tool we offer to our best clients and do not expect that we buy Beatport downloads or use something like a autobuy Beatport (if that exists..).

We manage to get your music into the Beatport top 100 chart because of our unique network of djs and producers within the electronic dance music scene. Our Beatport promotion top 100 system WORKS.


How to chart on Beatport ? = Beatport Promotion Service

The answer is pretty simple but at the same time not easy to get it done. It’s all about visibility and we will manage to make your music records into the Top 100 Beatport chart position by putting it in front of the right djs, producers  label owners and clubbers. Nowadays online and social media marketing is keys for being noticed in this industry. So it is Beatport promo.

You can put all the effort and passion into your music production or selection if you’re an A&R from a record label. But that effort without the right promotion services will not reach the audience you need and even more difficult the Beatport Top 100. Because at the end you try to manage everything yourself and this is the way to FAIL. FOCUS on your thing and let us manage your music promotion services with the best beatport promo.

Why is so important to be in the Beatport top 100 chart ?

For 14 years now, Beatport has become the leader in the electronic dance music stores for any label, the same way as Dj Mag Top Djs is a reference for the clubbers, meaning that the Beatport promo will get your music in the genre charts and this is the reference for the professionals such as djs, producers, record labels, promoters, booking agents, clubs, radios, magazines and etc, etc.

So, just Buy Beatport Chart Position because…


Beatport Top 100 Promotion

Remember that a great product without a great promo is nothing because today there is so many music released every single day that your track will get lost between thousands of releases. But you as a dj/producer know that djs have always checked the top 100 charts because you will always find the best tracks already preselected for you by the rest of the Beatport community.

Beatport Promotion

It does matter the genre you want to reach in with our music promotion and we must be clear about this point.
The more popular, the more difficult and more expensive to get into the top 100 because it will need a lot of promotion and effort to get in there. If someone else tells you any other thing, they’re simply lying to you.

That is the reason why you will not find prices directly in here, as we will target your audience for your unique release properly, make a study of your track to find out the exact size of this Beatport promo top 100. Expect to be very VERY expensive in this main genres:

Tech House
Deep House
Big Room

Yes, they will be VERY expensive but at the same time, this is the best Beatport promo, this Beatport charts top 100 will give you a HUGE exposure. Because some of them rank up to 20% of the genre chart directly into the Top 100 MAIN Beatport charts. And getting in here is like getting into the hall of fame for djs, labels and producers! Definitely, a very exclusive place reserved just for the ” crème de la crème “.

The next Beatport promo in difficulty meaning is the following:

Afro House
Progressive House
Electro House
Future House
Funky House

Melodic House & Techno

Minimal / Deep Tech
Drum & Bass
Dance / Nu Disco
Melodic Techno

After this ones, the rest of electronic music dance styles are the easiest to rank into with the top 100 Beatport chart promotion. But this doesn’t mean that the exposure will be small because (depending on your tune obviously) it’s more reliable that you manage to get into the Beatport 10 Chart with our Beatport promotion push. Genres:

Trap / Future Bass
Electronica / Downtempo
Funk / Soul / Disco
Groove / Jackin´House
Garage / Bassline / Grime

Glitch Hop
Hard Dance
Hardcore / Hard Techno
Hip-Hop / R&B
Leftfield Bass
Leftfield House & Techno
PSY Trance
Reggae / Dancehall / Dub

Beatport HYPE

What is beatport HYPE?

Have you heard about Beatport HYPE? This is the new internal Beatport vip service for promo and it works really well! For main music styles such as Tech House or Techno is key in order to rank higher in the so competitive charts.

We can deliver an amazing promo for Beatport Hype Charts. In order to deliver this promo all the releases must have the code HYPE, it is a blue label that will be dis.      played in your cover.

If you normally launch in styles such as Tech House, Techno, House this promo is very interesting for you, remember that the Top 10 HYPE charts are also reflected in the main genre page just below the main genre and so the main HYPE charts on Beatport home page.

Look for the blue label codes in and buy beatport chart position today!

Beatport Top 10

Wanna go further and reach Beatport top 10 chart ?

Ok, so this is mayor words because being in the top 10 Beatport chart means the maximum exposure for your music. And we will not recommend anyone to go this further unless we are really sure about the potential of the tune. To find out this information it will be needed and extra service required within a minimum of 1 month in advance.

Djs feedback of your release, a premiere at any popular account on Soundcloud, make a study of the expectation for this release and even with all this previous work we cannot guarantee the success of the track because at the end they will be the Beatport djs and producers the ones that have the last word.

So, what is the problem of getting your music into the 10 leading tunes with the Beatport chart promotion ? imagine that with our Beatport promotion tool we manage to push it with a BIG PROMO and go it into the best 10, let’s say between 5 to 10. So a huge amount of people will notice your presence because when you navigate through any Beatport genre, the first thing you see are the 10 best hits of the moment.

Meaning that if they see your record coming into the leading 10 and the track is not supported by the main audience (here the amounts of sales per day will need to be higher to maintain position or climb in the charts)  the track will go down pretty fast. And this situation is not normal for the releases ranked so high on Beatport charts, it can be normal in the 100 charts, but definitely not in the top 10 due to the exposure of the release.

So, that said we can talk about this promotional services but this promo we will only delivered with a previous study of your music releases.

What ranking number in the Beatport Charts to expect ?

This is completely out of our control and will depend fully on the release. If the tune is good expect to go high, if it is ok it will work good too, but if the tune is bad we will not work your release, yes you have read it properly, we will not take any promotion we don’t support. Why? because we are not going to lie you, you can put all the money in promotion and marketing to sell a bad product and it will never work, we don’t want you to waste your money.

Remember, focus on your best skills, maybe you’re a great dj, but not necessarily the best producer, maybe you need a ghost producer? talk to us. And just to let you know, MANY djs in the industry are not producing their music.

How long will the track remind in the charts ?

As said before this is again completely out of our control so it will fully depend on the record because the support from the people listening to your track in the top 100 will make your track stay there for 2 weeks, 2 months or …

Increase Beatport Sales

Are you ready to BOOST your career or label ?

Do you wanna go to the next level? This Beatport promotion service is definitely a great way to push your career. And it will definitely not require just to make 1 single release into the Beatport top 100 and expect to have a lot of success. Because it doesn’t work like these, or at least not in the 99% of the cases.

You must be ready to start releasing consistently and charting. So, remember that like any other thing that you want to success, become an international dj, producer or label will involve a lot of effort from your side.

Be prepared to release a minimum of one record a month with the Beatport promotion included, be ready to be active in your social network. Make a plan, especially on Soundcloud and Instagram. Try to upload regularly dj sets every one or two weeks for free to reach your audience. Because remember Beatport is the professional exposure that will boost your authority in the industry but the clubbers are key in this game DO NOT FORGET!

How do you start the Beatport promotion with us ?

Now that you know the most important details you need to make a decision. Knowing that this Beatport promotion needs to be taken seriously, so we do. Analyze your situation because remember that this works in combination with the rest of aspects related as a dj, producer or label. We want to be very transparent with you, we can boost your career but it´s definitely not ending just reaching the Beatport top 100 charts.

“Consistency, being professional and putting all in will make you win this long run”

Now that you’re ready just letting you know that our prices start from $340 for the easy genres per track. To study you Beatport promotion fill in the following questionary. You need to attach a streaming link with at least a snippet of the tune you want to promote so we can understand the needs.

We need you to fill in all the required information in other to proceed for the approval of promotion service so we will get back to you in the next 24 working hours.

PLEASE, take your time to read all the previous information in order to understand how does it work our beatport promotional service and the requirements you will need in order to apply for this service. THANKS!

Our Chatbot 🤖 will guide you in the process of utilizing our services.👇

Beatport Promotion is Important

Beatport is a music store, aswel a streaming platform for a very specific music niche. Being this the underground electronic dance music, it is specialised in this and that is the reason why is the market leader. Techno, Tech House, Deep House are some of the main genres. Underground electronic music code is clearly the clubbing leading trend where you can find djs and producers such as Deadmau5, Marco Carola or Marshmello. The recognition of the EDM is clear and this is the reason why Beatport Promotion is clearly necesarily to grow and boost your dj / producer artist career or for your label.

As we previously said Beatport is the electronic dance music leading online store.
Sometimes Beatport releases coupons codes for discounts to save money with your new tracks. Underground artists, disc jockeys, composers, remixers or simply producers must be aware that is a must to have visibility in the leading platform and that’s the reason why Beatport promotion can make the difference to reach their targeted audience. With hundreds of thousands of tracks released every year under a label even if they’re handpicked by curators to choose the best genre for it the Beatport promotion service must be planned in advanced regarding to their own genre code to reach the specific audience that we need for your label.

Beatport is an amazing platform not only for djs and producers or a label, also for fans and clubbers. It has an incredible selection of tracks, sounds and stems. Compiled albums differentiate by genres ready to play in your favourite sound system today. Beatport sales charts reflect the amount of support / sales that a single is having helping other djs to choose the best tracks or releases from this moment. Beatport Top 100 charts are a reflection of what is being played right now in clubs and festivals around the globe. This charts and selections help djs and producers to create their own playlists that will definitley resonate with their fans at the events.


Starting Beatport Promotion

It is simple and easy to start working with us, you just need to follow the steps in our site, fill in the form today, so we can assist you ASAP if you have any questions and start working in your promotional services!

Beatport promotions will generate plays in your tracks, which will get more listeners, to end up boosting your sales to enter in the 100 charts, you simply buy Beatport chart position. Beatport promotion service will increase your downloads through our network which will an generate organic beatport push. The majority of the producers and labels will need to use the Beatport promotion service at some point to boost sales and aswell their professional careers. With such a wide variety of genres, new codes and styles you must choose the right Beatport Promotion depending on your releases and how to approach the impact in the near future. Beatport Music Promotion services code is an additional way to enhance your visibility and outreach.

Before you take action and choose any Beatport promotion service from any company it’s a must to make the right selection. We are the leading company focused on Beatport promo, that delivers and guarantees results. Buy Beatport Top 100 and you’ll succeed.

Paying for Beatport Promotion?

Of course there are organic ways to grow your audience and promote your releases on Beatport promotional sales, specially through the social media network, such as Soundlcloud, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. However sometimes this is not enough or the artist doesn’t have the time to focus on this, and clearly and artist should be focused in their art and deliver the best content possible.

Also in many occasions your social media audience will not end up buying your music on Beatport, maybe this fans will reach you at the club or listen your music on Spotify, that is why paying for a Beatport Push can be the right choice for many artists.

In this case buys are the most important factor of the platform unlikely some others like Spotify or Soundcloud where plays and followers are the main key. Our professional network will deliver this so important sales to get your tracks in the charts.

Do we offer any discount? we receive requests to pay today 50% and the 50% at the end, this is not an option. However sometimes we have some Beatport promotional coupon codes to save some bucks. Once you’re a client of us you will receive this discount coupon codes in your email when they’re available.

Start working your marketing today with us to save in your next promotional label promo with our latest coupon codes! Beatport sales are important to get the best results.

Can we Boost an Organic Beatport Promotion?

Independently of buying Beatport promotion service or not is a must to engage with your audience, you should keep in mind that it is equal to be in the charts as to create a true base of fans. No matter how many times you boost your charts, you will always need this organic support to grow. Our Beatport promotion is intended to create visibility for your release code. We guarantee to reach specific genres Top 100 Beatport Charts and after the release is there is time for the organic growth to make the magic happen.

A Beatport release push can help always to increase your visibility in the long run.

In our team we are real, we work with music promotion for top artist that release music on Beatport. Through this promotion for a label or artists we generate organically more sales of your new track with our ultimate marketing product.

We have codes that you must follow. This codes are:
– Releases must be no older that 3 weeks.
– Releases must have a minimum of quality to qualify for our services.

How to get on Beatport Charts?

This question has an easy answer. It is clearly by growing and audience of fans that will lead you to the charts, not only on beatport but on other stores and streaming platforms. Now that you know how to get on Beatport charts, and realizing yourself that it is mandatory nowadays we recomend taking our Beatport promotion service until you reach that targeted audience of fans so it will help you to reach this faster.

Don’t try to buy beatport chart position yourself. We never recommend to buy beatport downloads or anything similar like autobuy beatport as it will be pretty much useless so try to avoid doing such a thing as buying beatport downloads. Avoid trying to Autobuy Beatport services. We deliver real marketing for you so you can buy beatport top 100. 

Music promotion Beatport 

As we already said our Beatport Promotion Code is the best to get in the Beatport charts. Contact us know to start working on your records with our Beatport promotion Service and deliver the best results for you!

Beatport promo codes or Beatport coupon

During the time were you find a Beatport coupon with discount for your Beatport music downloads we can expect the charts to move pretty fast up and down. Promotional Beatport codes can help your music releases to climb higher due to more sales because Beatport users save money during this week to get the latest music for their new dj set.

In the other hand it can make your tune to move down faster because this beatport coupon or beatport promo codes will also generate more sales from other djs because everyone wants a promotional discount for their new music, don’t you?

We recommend you to get the discount code (beatport coupon) to get the latest releases from your favourite labels. That’s why we always compile for you the latest codes and beatport coupons and save some bucks to get the latest Beatport music, you can find them always here.

Beatport Codes, discount code, Beatport coupon, coupons! we got you covered! we have the best beatport discounts, codes and coupons for your next music shopping! Save money today with the promotional codes 🙂

The highest Beatport code comes with the Level1 , Level2 and Level3 promotional discount. This are a serial of codes in Beatport that will increase the discount through a coupon through some weeks.

You start with the Beatport Level1 discount codes that you will need to enter at the checkout. With this code you will get normally from 15% to 20% discount. After you have redeemed this code you will qualify for the next Beatport discount, the Level2.

Beatport promo codes Level2 coupon code works exactly the same as the Level1 but with a higher discount. All this codes are normally find through Beatport online main store, their social networks or their emails.

Beatport Level3 codes can go up to 50% discount which is an amazing deal to save and get new music from your favourite artists and get ready for your new dj set.

If you’re looking today to get some codes with a promotional discount to save some bucks and you cannot find in our site any beatport coupon codes will probably mean that there are no available any new coupons.
Beatport free download promotion

Did you know that beatport releases promotional tracks free to generate some marketing promotion for some artists? You will need to find the hidden coupon in their social media network (facebook, instagram, twitter, …)

This way artists increase the promotion in another way through this free releases that you can might get with a coupon today if you search for them. We also compile and send to our fans all these free coupon promotion so they can take advantage of it.

Coupons can be used to save money and have discounts within that week to download online from the distribution stores.

Coupons from October for discount deals can be found on the following featured list. This tools including coupons can be used for labels promotion online. All deals from October to download digital deals featured in the week list.

Follow us in our social media in order to get always the latest beatport promo code for free tracks or a promotional price decrease. Our Facebook and our Instagram.