How to Hack your Dj / Producer Career

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Are you looking to grow as a Dj or a Producer? Then you might be interested in this article...

We all have been there, you're trying to reach out your audience and it's not working.
You release a new Ep or Single on Beatport or Traxsource and sales are not coming? No bookings? No gigs? No fans?

Ok, so let's try to start from the beginning, YOUR MUSIC.

Here comes one of the big mistakes of this new Dj/Producer era... all dj's must be producers and that is simply WRONG...

Why all dj's must produce their own music?
If you take a look to other music styles things are not working that way, so here is basically the same thing.
You might be a great Dj and awesome producer, FANTASTIC! But what if not?

Then you have different options...

-> You can be the best Dj ever and no need to produce, as for example... Carl Cox? He was never really what we call now a producer (yes he has tracks under his name... but he is not known by this...) and you can find him as one of the best Dj's ever!

-> You can find a talented producer as a partner and make team, problem fixed! This is very common and you can find many teams like this, one of the team might be more talented in the studio and the other performing!

-> You can hire a ghost producer and just teach him your taste, work in the studio together and at the end the track will have something from you too! Many, many dj's work with ghost producers, some say it openly with no complex and many others hide it...

Why am I saying this at first? 

Because maybe you're not having success as you're trying to be good at something that maybe is not your best skill. If you're not good at music production find an alternative to fix this, there are many good options but don't lie yourself, it's not gonna work...

Work on Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses.

Great! Now that we understand that our music must be a good product.
We need to find the best way to get it done so we can reach our audience.
Here comes the second main mistake: just throwing the music out there with no sense...

Electronic Music Marketing

Yes, this is the second mistake, thinking that you’re gonna reach someone without any promo and or marketing.
Do you realise yourself how many new releases are coming out in your style every single day?
Thousands of new release are coming out every single week and yours is obviously getting lost in between... Because you or your label is not taking care of this key promo.

What promo do you need to reach your audience?

Well, this is not a question that I can really answer in a few lines but I will give you some tips and tricks to boost your new release. We are in the social media era and even some people keep on refusing it, it is a must

You need a big channel to premiere your release, this is not 100% necessary but it will help, like a big magazine, radio or label. This will increase your reach and help you to get discovered by more people.

Of course, we also need dj's feedbacks, but you know what i think that they are already old fashion... We all know the "Downloaded for R. Hawtin" XD or? What you need now is actually a piece of content from Mr. Hawting (or any other big name in your style) throwing your track in his/her last party! Yes, videos, videos go viral, and you need to go viral!

Ok, we're getting ready for the release, we have a good premiere and great content from top dj's, now we need to start HACKING!

This is not meant to be done only for your release is to be done always so you keep growing your audience daily.


Here we cannot recommend any specific one as there has been some troubles lately due to the last Instagram updates... Keep it safe but keep it growing slowly... don't push it too much, you don't want to get your account banned. This is the place to reach your fans, but also great to get contacted by clubs, promoters and so on! Our dj's are getting many bookings through Instagram!


​Yeah, we're talking about us! Your release is ready for the show and the sale time has come! Now you need to place it in front of all your audience! Beatport promotion will increase your visibility through the Beatport Top 100 Charts and dj's from all around the globe will get ​the chance to listen and play your music! This is key if you want to boost your dj career, you need the dj's to play your music and Beatport will make it happen.

With this 2 Hacks in the period of 6 months you should start seeing a big change in your dj career, of course nothing it's easy and it is not a guarantee, but with all the competition out ther to need to start hacking! Keep it real! Have a great music and an awesome performance in front of your audience to make it happen 100%

You must love what you do, love the way, it's hard, but will pay off, keep it up, keep it high and let us know if we might help to boost your career and make it happen!

Have a nice one!


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